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About Steve Foreman

steve-foremanForeman Auction Service is owned and operated by Steve Foreman, who is going on over 25 years of experience as an auctioneer in Springfield, MO as well as all over the state of Missouri. Steve has been serving Southwest Missouri since 1992 and during that time has specialized in auctions of estates, real estate, household items, antiques, firearms, business liquidations, farm, land, machinery, industrial equipment, livestock, appraisals and more.

The goal of any auction is to help create a lively and fertile atmosphere that helps encourage more bids and sellers to get the most for their goods being auctioned. Foreman Auction Service has a great reputation for holding successful and organized auctions for over 25 years in Southwest Missouri.

Some of the credentials that Steve has are:

NAA, National Auctioneers Association
MPAA, Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association
CAGA, Certified Appraisers Guild of America
GSBOR, Greater Springfield Board of Realtors
MLS, Multilist of Springfield
NAR, National Association of Realtors
MAR, Missouri Association of Realtors

If you are thinking about having an auction or just want some more information about how auctions work, give Steve a call today!

Steve Foreman, Professional Auctioneer – Call Now 1-417-839-0071

We pride ourselves in helping you get the most out of your property and holding a successful auction. There are some things that you can count on when you work with Foreman Auction Service:


New Auction House

P1100441We are happy to announce that we have a brand new auction house so if you are planning an Auction but don’t have room at your location, enough parking, or you don’t have quite enough to host an entire sale, we can now conduct your auction at our location.

We will of course continue to conduct auctions at your location but for many having their auction at our location will be easier and help you get your property sold.

The auction house is located within 15 minutes of Springfield, MO.

Types Of Auctions We Specialize In

Estate Auctions

The most common reason for an estate auction is the death of the property owner, and the need to liquidate the deceased’s belongings for any number of reasons such as…

  • The survivors or heirs may lack space to keep the belongings, or have no interest in the personal belongings of the deceased.
  • The survivors or heirs cannot agree to the disposition of the tangible property which literally means anything that can be touched, which includes Real Property (Real Estate) and Personal

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Real Estate Auctions

A Real Estate auction is an effective way of selling Real Estate in a shorter period of time than the more conventional way of listing with your local broker. Most properties are salable at auction. All forms of real estate, including residential, land, farms, town houses, condominiums, commercial, industrial, boat slips are sold at auction. Real Estate auctions usually sell “AS IS”, “WHERE IS” for cash with closing within 30 days or less.

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Antique Auctions

Many people think they have antiques in their possession when actually their item or items are not antique but vintage. An item is considered to be antique if it’s 100 years old or older. Items under 100 years old are considered to be “vintage” 50 years + or “retro” 25 years +. (Something that has gone out of style but has the capacity to create a comeback). Motor vehicles are an exception to this rule. Cars are generally considered antique if they are 25 years old or more. A car is also considered a classic at 20 years.

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Business Liquidation Auctions

The term liquidation auction means a company selling its assets to convert to cash. This could be unsold inventory, office furniture to anything the company owns. This action could on a voluntary basis to close out the business or it could be involuntary such as a bankruptcy, tax, or legal judgment.

Some people may refer to a liquidation auction as a government or surplus auction, meaning everything must go.

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Farm Auctions

Most farm properties are salable by the auction method. All kinds of farms, including row-crop, pasture / livestock, sod, orchard, vineyard, domestic fowl, fish, forestry and wildlife properties are sold at auction. One approach to access auction viability would be to use the “two thirds rule” to the marketplace, property, and seller’s scenario: If 2 out of 3 components (marketplace, property, seller) tend positively toward an auction, then an auction should be considered.

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Foreman Auction Service also specializes in personal property appraisals. In selling personal property at auction, one might consider to have an evaluation of the items. This personal property appraisal comprises an estimated worth, that is the specialist’s best judgment about what the item might sell for at auction. By combining auction and professional assessment services we can offer advantages that are different to all our customers.

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Machinery – Equipment Auctions

Auctions of machinery and equipment have been proven to be both time and cost effective when either buying or selling machinery and or equipment. If you’re a contractor, subcontractor, owner of a construction company, or just a hobby farmer, machinery and equipment can be expensive.

Machinery and Equipment of all kinds can be bought and sold at auctions.

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