Antique Auctions


Many people think they have antiques in their possession when their item or items are not antique but vintage. An item is considered to be antique if it’s 100 years old or older. Items under 100 years old are considered to be “vintage” 50 years + or “retro” 25 years +. (Something that has gone out of style but has the capacity to create a comeback). Motor vehicles are an exception to this rule. Cars are generally considered antique if they are 25 years old or more. A car is also considered a classic at 20 years.

Antique Auctions Springfield, MO

Antique Auctions

Estate auctions are one of the best resources for locating antiques of all kinds. You never know what might show up at an estate auction that has been in the family for over a hundred years or more. In regarding antiques, an estate auction or even a public auction may be a treasure hunt for a potential buyer hoping to add to their collection or simply to resell.

Antiques at auctions always create a lot of interest and curiosity to attract buyers of all kinds, giving the public a chance to reflect back in time and how people lived then. Items that have been determined to be antique often realize more at auction than the appraised value. Bidders can be very competitive especially if two or more buyers are looking for that one unique item.

Antiques range from stamps, coins, jewelry, art, firearms, furniture, and glassware to clothing to name a few. It’s always a good idea if in doubt to get an appraisal. It may be money well spent. Remember, it can qualify for an antique if it’s a hundred years old or more. Vintage 25 + years and retro 20 + years.

At Foreman Auction Service, we are experienced in antique auctions, selling antiques, vintage, retro and collectibles at auction.

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