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What Areas Do We Serve?

We not only serve Springfield, Missouri but we also serve the surrounding areas as well. Those areas include:

  • Ash Grove
  • Aurora
  • Billings
  • Bolivar
  • Branson
  • Buffalo
  • Carthage
  • Clever
  • Crane
  • Fair Grove
  • Greenfield
  • Lockwood
  • Marionville
  • Marshfield
  • Monet
  • Mt. Vernon
  • Nixa
  • Ozark
  • Republic
  • Rogersville
  • Springfield
  • Strafford
  • Willard

What Is Foreman Auction Service?

Steve Foreman Auctioneers Springfield MO

Foreman Auction Service is owned and operated by Steve Foreman, who is going on 25 years of experience as an auctioneer in Springfield, MO and surrounding cities all over the state of Missouri. Steve has been serving Southwest Missouri since 1992 and during that time has specialized in auctions of estates, real estate, household items, antiques, firearms, business liquidations, farm, land, machinery, industrial equipment, livestock, appraisals and more.

The goal of any auction is to help create a lively and fertile atmosphere that helps encourage more bids and sellers to get the most for their goods being auctioned. Foreman Auction Service has a great reputation for holding successful and organized auctions going on 25 years in Southwest Missouri.

Some of the credentials that Steve has are:

NAA, National Auctioneers Association

MPAA, Missouri Professional Auctioneers Association

CAGA, Certified Appraisers Guild of America

GSBOR, Greater Springfield Board of Realtors

MLS, Multilist of Springfield

NAR, National Association of Realtors

MAR, Missouri Association of Realtors

Questions You Should Ask Your Auctioneer

Auctioneers Springfield MO

Auctions have been proven to be one of the best and more economical ways to sell personal property and/or real estate that creates fair market value and many times even brings in more than the original appraised value of your property.

We get a lot of questions about what to expect from an auction, what to look for in an auctioneer and more. Below we outline many of these common issues that we run into a lot.

  • What is the timetable to have a great auction? Plan the date of the sale, preferably at least 2 weeks prior to the auction date. Also make sure you have the authority to sell the property, power of attorney papers (if needed) as well as titles to any vehicles, trailers, boats, etc.
  • Does the auctioneer explain everything up front? Yes, a good auctioneer will explain the entire auction method from start to finish as well as explain the contract to you in full.
  • Are there expenses besides the commission? There can be addtional expenses such as advertising, portable toliets, concession stand and setup. All these expenses should be covered completely by the auctioneer before any contract is signed.
  • Can people understand the auctioneer? These may seem obvious but if you and buyers can't understand the auctioneer then people are not going to bid. It's important to see a video of the auctioneer in action so you can get an idea of how they run an auction and help increase bids.
  • Does the auctioneer buy at auctions they conduct? Many auctioneers buy at auctions they manage, this can be a conflict of intetrest and may not be in the seller's best interest because the role of an auctioneer is to sell your items for as much money as possible and if they are bidding themselves they won't want to drive the price up.
  • Are there open lines of communication? It's important to know if you will be dealing with the auctioneer themselves or if you will be dealing with their assistants and the auctioneer only shows up on the day of the auction. This is a personal choice in which way you are comfortable with but it's important to be upfront with your auctioneer about communication.
  • Does the auctioneer know how to get buyers to show up? It's important that an auctioneer knows how to get actual bidders to show up to an auction and not just a lot of people. Lot's a of people at an auction is great but a lot of people who have no intention of buying doesn't do you any good, being able to get serious bidders to show up can mean the difference between a underwhelming auction and a great one.

If you're looking for an auctioneer in Springfield, MO and the surrounding area then contact us today to have the most successful and well run auction that will help you get the most money for your personal property. We think you'll love the way we do things and you can always count on Foreman Auction Service to provide you with not only the best service but provide that service with integrity. Contact us today!

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