Estate Auctions

Estate Auctions

The most common reason for estate auctions are the death of the property owner, and the need to liquidate the deceased’s belongings for any number of reasons such as…

  • The survivors or heirs may lack space to keep the belongings, or have no interest in the personal belongings of the deceased.
  • The survivors or heirs cannot agree to the disposition of the tangible property that literally means anything that can be touched, which includes Real Property (Real Estate) and Personal Property (Moveable Property). The court has ordered the goods to be sold at an Estate Auction with the proceeds to be divided among the survivors after payment of the estate’s debts.
  • The will of the deceased may have mandated a sale of the assets.
  • At Auction, everything sells for cash and As Is in a relative short time with the Auctioneer handling everything from booking the sale to settlement.
  • Estate Auctions create both excitement and action to dispose of Personal and Real Property.

Estate Auctions Done Correctly

Estate Auction

Living Estate Auctions may also occur because the property owner is moving or has moved to a new residence where he/she will be unable to keep their property, such as an assisted living facility, a retirement community, or maybe the home of a family member. Living Estate Auctions can also take place because of a divorce, foreclosure, or maybe relocation because of one’s job or simply downsizing.

Estate Auctions have been around since before Christ. They have been proven to be the best and the fairest way to dispose of both Personal Property and/ or Real Property when dealing with an Estate with creating fair market value and a lot of times realizing more than the total appraised value of the assets selling.

At Foreman Auction Service, we strive to make the sale of your estate both profitable and with the least amount of stress as possible.

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