Foreman Auction Service also specializes in personal property appraisals. In selling personal property at auction, one might consider having an evaluation of the items. This personal property appraisal comprises an estimated worth, which is the specialist’s best judgment about what the item might sell for at auction. By combining auction and professional assessment services, we can offer advantages that are different to all our customers.

Our prime concern is an appropriate estimate of value of your personal property. By having a Foreman Auction Appraisal that is professional, you may be guaranteed that every value quoted is exact as can be and entirely supportable and the valuation theory used is appropriate.

Yes, We Can Provide All Your Appraisals

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We base our personal property appraisals on three crucial components.

1). An extensive database that helps us make forecasts of prospective value.
2). Understanding the market as the probability that the collection of assets could easily be converted into a certain quantity of cash.
3). Understanding that the accuracy of the personal property appraisal is essential.

Our appraisal reports contain the following…

1). An explanation detailing what type of value is being sought (“purpose”) and how the appraisal is to be used (“function” or “assigned use”).

2). A complete and accurate description of the property written in such a manner that it can be identified without photos.

3). The date(s) and location of inspection, and the effective date of value;

4). A statement by the appraiser, that he or she has no financial interest in the property or that such interest in the property, is disclosed in the report.

5). The appraiser’s qualifications and signature.

Steve Foreman is a member in good standing with the Certified Appraisers Guild of America (CAGA) which is a professionally accredited organization providing certification of personal property appraisers. The Guild has been instrumental in helping to standardize the personal property appraisal profession. The members of the Certified Appraisers Guild form a network of valuable appraiser contacts throughout the United States and Canada.

At Foreman Auction Service, we offer appraisals of personal property for refinancing, divorces, estate settlements including antiques and collectibles, firearms, estate planning, bankruptcy, business liquidations, machinery and farm equipment, insurance valuation. We provide a full in depth itemized report with each appraisal along with color photographs.

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