Business Liquidation Auctions


The term liquidation auction means a company selling its assets to convert to cash. These assets could be unsold inventory, office furniture to anything the company owns. This action could on a voluntary basis to close out the business, or it could be involuntary such as a bankruptcy, tax, or legal judgment. Some people may refer to a liquidation auction as a government or surplus auction, meaning everything must go. Benefits of having a liquidation auction are…
  • Auction sales are quicker from start to finish.
  • Everything sells as is and for cash.
  • Bidder competition can drive prices up.
  • Good way to lower inventory or to satisfy creditors.
  • Helps to lower stress by having a liquidation auction instead of a liquidation sale.
  • Having a professional auction company do the marketing to attract the right buyers for the inventory you are selling.

Important Information About Business Liquidation Auctions

business liquidation auctions - Springfield MO One of the best things about liquidation auctions is that each one is different as far as the inventory being offered at auction. Generally, anything the company or business owns of value will be sold at the liquidation auction. Some items that can be found at liquidation auctions are…Office Equipment, Restaurant Equipment, Automobiles, Auto Repair Business, Construction Equipment, Farm Equipment, Furniture, Electronics, Building Materials, Tools, Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, Flea Markets, and more. Buyers also benefit. One of the best places to find value is at liquidation auctions. Sellers are motivated to sell their items much faster at a liquidation auction rather than a liquidation sale. Liquidation auctions have been around for a long time. Whether you’re looking for furniture, office equipment or even restaurant equipment, liquidation auctions are a great place to buy. At Foreman Auction Service, we have conducted liquidation auctions ranging from entire flea markets, pawn shops, rental equipment businesses, restaurant equipment, trailer mfg., companies to regular everyday businesses.
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